Bhedetar is perched at 1420m and the soaring views over Everest and Makalu are spectacular on a clear day. The best views are from this tower named after Prince Charles, who visited in the 1980s.
Location: Bhedetar
Photo: Sanjaya
Editing: Gokul

Dharan-Bhanu Chowk

Dharan is one out of two sub-metropolitan cities in Province No. 1 of Nepal, in the Sunsari District, and is situated on the foothills of the Mahabharat Range in the north with its southern tip touching the edge of the Terai region at an altitude of 1148 ft (349m).

Location: Dharan, Bhanu Chowk
Photo: Sanjaya Yakkha
Edit: Gokul Karki

Chi Musi Chi - Nepali Movie

Nepali Movie "Chi Musi Chi" Promotional Tour in Dharan, Bhanu Chowk.

Miss +2 2018 - Audition

Audition Of Miss +2 2018, Season 2
Organize By: Big Event Nepal
Location: Hankook Sarang

Miss +2 2018 - Parents Meet Program

Miss +2 2018 - Parents Meet Program
Organize By: Big Event Nepal
Location: Zumba Center, Dharan

Meri Mamu - Premiere Show

Nepali Movie "Meri Mamu" Premiere Show In Gorkha Cineplex,Dharan.


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